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    Experts say that this year seasonal airborne allergies may be worse in certain parts of Canada. This is due to an earlier start to the pollen season, resulting in more pollen particles in the air. Dr. Anne Ellis, an allergist and professor at Queens University in Kingston, Ontario who receives pollen counts said “I  can affirm absolutely the pollen counts are much higher this year than they were this time last year.”

    She also told CTVNews.ca that more of her patients than normal are reporting worsening allergy symptoms. In the past trees would start to pollinate at the beginning of May, where this year they started at the start of April. Ellis said the tree pollen circulates as soon as warmer weather moves in, inducing longer-lasting allergy symptoms. 

    Additionally, she explains grass pollen season has not changed and started around May 15. People who have developed allergies to both grass and tree pollen are being hit hard and Ellis calls it a “double whammy”.

    According to Statistics Canada, Canadians have more allergies to pollen than any other allergen. From a 2017 study, around 27 per cent of Canadians said they had allergies. 40 per cent were allergic to any type of pollen or grasses.

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