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    For the third day in a row the village of Lytton, B.C., has broken the record for hottest temperatures in Canada. According to Environment Canada, the Lytton Climate Station recorded temperatures as high as 49.6 C on Tuesday. The day before reached a temperature of 47.9 C and the day before that was 46.1 C. A man visiting Lytton, Sergiou Riverso explains “The air is like fire,”.

    A Lytton resident Erin Aleck said, “As soon as you come outside, it’s like a punch in the throat,”. The streets of this village were practically deserted by late afternoon as people were looking for shelter. 

    On top of the extreme heat, it has sparked an out-of-control wildfire that is burning on a mountainside near Lytton. They are calling it the George Road Wildfire which is already 350 hectares in size and the smoke can be seen from Lytton. Firefighters are working tirelessly to put out the fire but the extreme heat is making it worse. The firefighters are told to take more frequent breaks, drink tons of water, and stay in shaded areas if possible.

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