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    A BASE jumper was left hanging by his parachute off a cliff after he tumbled down an Albertan Mountain. First responders in Alberta had to coordinate a daring rescue on Sunday of a man stranded on a Rocky Mountain cliff face. The BASE jumper was injured and suspended 200 metres off the ground by a parachute that luckily got stuck.

    Kananaskis Public Safety dispatch received a call shortly before noon which said a jumper had launched off the East End of Rundle, a mountain near Canmore, Alta. Jeremy Mackenzie, a public safety specialist said his parachute malfunctioned. Mackenzie explained that the jumper was seriously injured but he will survive.

    BASE jumping requires the participant to leap from a fixed object like a mountain with a parachute. For this jumper, his parachute unfortunately twisted and threw him into the cliff wall. From there he “basically cartwheeled” a portion down the 400-metre cliff. Rescuers had to go to the top of the mountain and descend using anchors and ropes. If they used a helicopter to reach him, they risked disturbing the parachute that was snagged on the cliff.

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