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    The British Prime Minister takes credit for the return of the beaver and is calling on the U.K. to “build back beaver”. The beaver population was very low in the U.K. as the species was hunted to extinction in the middle ages for their pelts. Now there are organizations that are trying to rebuild the beaver population in European countries.

    Two beavers were recently released in Norfolk, England, where they waddled to the pond and gracefully slid into the water. Jonah Tosney, a river ecologist said “I can’t quite believe what I am seeing,… I’m just absolutely delighted.” among 20 other spectators. For Canadians, this excitement may seem exaggerated as most Canadians rarely see the creature in the wild.

    However, many Canadians will see the species on money, clothes, and national emblems. In the U.K. the return of the beaver is praised as a success for a policy known as rewilding. It is the effort of repairing damaged ecosystems and creating more natural, diverse habitats. There are now 1,000 beavers in the county of Perthshire and they are causing issues for British farmers.

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