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    A cranberry farmer from Quebec says without bees, cranberry farms will not be able to survive. Farmer Luc Decubber was finally able to find enough bees to pollinate his vines this year but it was much more difficult than usual. He said he worries that it could become even harder to achieve in years to come. 

    Decubber explained that “we’re talking with the beekeepers and they say [they] have a lot of deaths during the winter, and especially this year,” Decubber’s usual supplier said he expects to lose about half of his hives this year. Ducubber’s farm is located in Saint-Louis-de-Blandford, Quebec and it has been relying on native pollinators for almost 30 years.

    But with a dwindling amount of native pollinators left, the farmer has been forced to rent honey bees to pollinate his flowers. Decubber usually rents about 1,00 hives every summer which are set up around bogs where cranberries grow. 

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