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    The BMW Flow electric SUV concept is able to change colour hues at the press of a button. The car can go from grey or black and back again in mere moments. Unfortunately, it cannot go past the shades of grey but it creates an effect that is startling. The trick isn’t done with paint but uses a specially formed wrapping cut to fit the body panels.

    The wrapping has an electric ink technology that is commonly used in electronic readers. The coloured panels were cut accurately to match the shape of the SUV’s body panels. After that electric wiring is attached to each section from inside the car. The surface of the panel has millions of tiny capsules, each one has a negatively charged white pigment and a positively charged black pigment. 

    Once colour change is completed, the panels will hold onto the colour until an electric charge switches it. The SUV can be all one colour or can be different shades in different parts. Even the wheels on this concept car will be able to change colours. 

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