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    The Boreal Forest is the world’s largest forest of least disturbance and it accounts for a third of the Earth’s forested area. The planet’s coldest forest is a massive store for carbon accumulated over thousands of years and supports a thriving ecosystem for animals and plants. 

    Just in Canada, the Boreal forest stretches over 300 million hectares from Yukon all the way through the northern half of the provinces and east towards Newfoundland. The forest is also home to half of Canada’s species of birds, and 3.7 million people.

    According to Environment Canada, as climate changes, the great expanse of the cold forest is getting warmer. The temperatures across the Prairies increased 1.9C warmer on average from the mid-20th century. Winters are getting shorter and milder overall and summers are getting hotter and do not produce enough moisture to compensate for heat. 

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