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    Mattea Roach seals her 22nd Jeopardy win with the final question being about American history on Wednesday. The 23-year-old tutor born in Nova Scotia holds the record for the longest winning streak of any Canadian on the quiz show. She entered her 22nd Final Jeopardy with $28,400 and was given a special shout-out in the House of Commons.

    Roach has now accumulated $534,984 US, or approximately $681,484 Cdn. The two competitors, Jamie Sisson of Mississippi and Kelly Flynn of New Hampshire failed to make it to the last round.

    Halifax MP Andy Fillmore stood up in the house of commons to give the 23-year-old a shout-out. He said “Mr. Speaker, I’ll take record-breaking Canadians for $2,000. Answer: With 21 consecutive wins and counting, totalling over half a million dollars, she is the most successful Canadian to ever win on Jeopardy!,” Fillmore said Wednesday. “The question: Who is Mattea Roach?”

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