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    Over the next two to three Earth months, the Chinese rover Yutu-2 will travel 80-metres to a cube-like object. The rover captured a photograph of the cube-like object on the far side of the moon and researchers are wondering what it might be. The Chinese government posted the image on its science website from the rover’s last log on December 3.

    The solar-powered rover in English is called “Jade Rabbit” and is about 80 metres from the object it took a photo of. According to Our Space, the rover Yutu will cover the distance in two to three lunar days or two to three Earth months. The rover was deployed in January 2019 and has been operating in the Von Karman Crater in the South Pole-Aitken Basin.

    The mission was a milestone in space exploration as no other nation at that time had landed on the far side of the moon until then, Due to the moon being tidally locked, only one side of the moon faces us at all times. Most of the “dark side” of the moon is never visible to people on Earth. 

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