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    Chinese state media reported on Wednesday that a Chinese spacecraft acquired imagery data covering the entirety of Mars. The spacecraft circled the planet more than 1,300 times and was able to include visuals of its South Pole. China’s Tianwen-1 arrived at the Red Planet in February 2021.

    On its arrival, a robotic rover has been deployed on the surface as an orbiter surveyed from space. The observer tooke images of the Martian South Pole which is where most of the planet’s water resources are locked. An orbiting prove operated by the European Agency had found the ice under the planet’s South Pole in 2018. 

    Discovering subsurface water is a key indicator to determining the planet’s potential for life. It also provides a permanent resource for any human exploration to the planet. The Tianwen-1 also gathered images of the 4,000-killometre long canyon Valles Marineris and impact craters of highlands.

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