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    Dozens of Brazilian Olympic team members are raising concern about the increase of infections in Tokyo. This came after Tokyo reported its highest number of new cases in the past six months. As the Games get closer to starting, the growing infections are displaying the risks of staging an international event during a pandemic. Tokyo officials and the International Olympic Committee already agreed to not allow spectators at any venue.

    The Brazilian team staying at a hotel in Hamamatsu, southwest of Tokyo found out that seven staff members in the hotel tested positive for COVID-19. The team of 31, including some Judo athletes, have been separated from other guests and none of their tests came back positive.

    The Russian Women’s rugby team also had to isolate as their masseur contracted the virus. The men’s South African rugby team is isolating as well after a case on their inbound flight to Tokyo was identified as COVID-19.

    This new wave of infections is due to the increase of highly contagious variants and Japan’s efforts to vaccinate people faster is not enough. A state-of-emergency was imposed on Tokyo and will be lifted at the Games end on August 8.

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