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    As many Canadians are focused on all-time high gas prices, have you checked out the price of diesel? The average price per litre of diesel is now $2.29 across Canada which is more expensive than premium gasoline. Diesel is vital for growing food and also transporting products across Ontario.

    Just in the last month alone, a litre of diesel has climbed by 35 cents. Many diesel using Canadians are forced to grin and bear the high prices. A dairy farmer from Ottawa Peter Ruiter said “The reality is I can’t go till these fields by hand, … there;s just too many acres to do,” The farmer relies on diesel to fuel his farm equipment.

    With the extremely high price of diesel, transportation goods are likely to become more costly. Diesel is commonly used to power trucks, trains, and some ships in our supply chain as it is usually more efficient and economical.

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