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    To save money on gas, some Northeastern Ontario drivers are going to on-reserve gas stations as they charge up to 30 cents per litre less than average prices. Mandy Raymond from North Bay, Ontario said she drives 40 minutes from her home every time she needs to fill up her vehicle. She drives 20 kilometres west of the city to the Wolves Den Gas Bar where gas prices are often 30 cents cheaper. 

    Raymond explained “we’ve always done the drive to come out to the reserve because it is a lot cheaper than what it is in town, which I don’t understand,… It still has to come from the same truckers, the same suppliers.”

    Owner of Wolves Den Gas Bar, Lorie Young said she has seen more customers as gas prices near $2 per litre. Gas prices in North Bay were around $1.94 on Monday and were $1.66 per litre at the Wolves Den Gas Bar. Young said “when we purchase the gas, it’s tax-exempt,… So we can charge a little bit less and still make money on it,”

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