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    Today European Union lawmakers approved a new travel pass that will allow people to travel between European countries without having to quarantine or undergo extra COVID-19 tests. This approval boosts hopes that people can start traveling for summer. 

    This highly anticipated certificate is supposed to prevent Europe’s travel industry from experiencing another disastrous vacation season. Greece, a key travel destination led the push to have the certificate, which will be in both paper and digital forms. Other countries already using the system are Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, Germany, and Poland.

    Countries in the EU have various COVID-19 traffic-light systems, where people who are in green are considered safe and those in red should be avoided. The issue is each nation is applying its own rules and standards making travel confusing for everyone. 

    The voter for the certificate or pass still needs to be rubber-stamped by EU nations. So, it means at the beginning of July 1, all EU countries must recognize the vaccine certificate for 12 months.

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