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    A spokesperson from the Canadian Mint said it is debatable whether the coins are actually considered counterfeit. The toonies appear fake to the human eye, it includes a strange-looking figurehead and is inscribed with a crazy typo. The Ontario Provincial Police are warning people to check their pockets for this fake toonie.

    According to the OPP, an individual went to a Regent Street store on January 11 in Hawkesbury, Ontario, and used the fake two-dollar coins. Police were notified as soon as the coin was determined to be fake. Constable Kenneth Dray said on Wednesday “At a glance, they absolutely look like a toonie,… You just have to look at them carefully.”

    Police shared a photo of this fake currency, which shows a walrus on one side and a poorly drawn portrait of Queen Elizabeth on the other. Also instead of saying “2 dollars” on the tail side, the sham toonie says “Z dollard.” The date on the toonies says 1990 which is six full years before the toonie ever existed.

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