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    So far, 30 NATO allies have signed of on accession protocols, but it could still take months before the countries are full members. The 30 nations signed off on the countries on Tuesday. The move further pushes Russia into strategic isolation amid their invasion into Ukraine in February. 

    Alliance Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg said “this is  truly a historic moment for Finland, for Sweden and for NATO,” There still may be problems, as the two nations reached a memorandum of understanding at the recent Madrid summit with Turkey. The Turkish President said they could block the application process if the wto countries failed to agree to Turkey’s demands. 

    Stoltenberg explained that “there were security concerns that needed to be addressed. And we did what we always do at NATO. We found common ground. … We will be even stronger and our people will be even safer as we face the biggest security crisis in decades.”

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