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    Researchers have created a comprehensive online map of the Earth’s coral reefs with the use of two million satellite images taken from orbit. Named after Microsoft co-founder Paul Allen, the Allen Coral Atlas will act as a resource for reef conservation, marine planning, and coral science.

    Researchers and scientists are trying to save these fragile ecosystems as climate change has been destroying them. The atlas was completed on Wednesday the group of researchers considers it the first global, high-resolution map of its kind. Anyone will be able to see detailed informatio0n about local coral reefs and types of submarine structures.

    The maps include areas up to 15 metres deep and are used as a reference to inform policy decisions about marine protected areas. It will also help with spatial planning for infrastructures such as docks and seawalls and upcoming coral restoration projects. Greg Asner, managing director of the Atlas said “Our biggest contribution in this achievement is that we have the uniform mapping of the entire coral reef biome.”

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