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    Climate change has resulted in glaciers around the world to melt at an alarming rate. The melting of the Rocky Mountain glaciers will impact the Prairies’ freshwater supply, which will be a big issue. Many tourists take a drive through the Canadian Rockies to see views of blue mountain lakes, wildlife and, of course, the glaciers. 

    But the receding of the ice will impact sea levels on the Prairies and the freshwater supply will be severely affected. Professor and Canada Research Chair in water resources and climate change at the University of Saskatchewan John Pomeroy said over the last few decades, glaciers have shrunk and it is only accelerating. 

    Pomeroy explained that “We’re past the tipping point for the glaciers in the Canadian Rockies, … Even if somehow, magically we’re able to stop global warming tomorrow and return the atmosphere to more normal CO2 concentrations, we would lose most of the Rockies’ glaciers.”

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