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    The hackers who coordinated one of the biggest digital coin heists have given back more than half of the US$610 million that was stolen. Poly Network was the finance platform that was targeted by the hack. Its platform enables peer-to-peer transactions and they posted on Twitter at 8:18 GMT that the hackers had returned US$342 million in currencies stolen.

    The company noted that US$268 million worth of tokens is still owed. Poly Network said on Tuesday that it had been hit by the cyberheist, and asked the thieves to return the funds. This crime highlights the risks of using the mostly unregulated decentralized finance sector (DeFi).

    DeFi gives users access to perform transactions, mostly in cryptocurrency, without common roadblocks like banks or exchanges. The hacker or hackers in this situation have not been identified yet,  but they started returning the money as of Wednesday. Some blockchain analysts said the hacker could have found it too difficult to launder such a large sum of cryptocurrency.

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