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    The builders of the new highway which extends Highway 427 claim it was cleared to open several months ago. However, the Province deemed the finished project as unsafe with too many issues. 

    The roadway sits unused with no access to it. According to CBC News, there is a “Legal dispute between the Ford Government and the private consortium hired to build it,”. The legal dispute happened earlier this week as the consortium filed a lawsuit against the government. They were accused of stalling the opening of the LINK427 to hold off on paying around $144 million that is due to the builders.

    For the highway to open, the Government has to make the final contract payment. That money will not be paid until the extension receives a Substantial Completion Certificate from a third-party consultant. 

    The lawsuit shed light on the fact that the Province is demanding $10,000 a day in late fees from the consortium since the specified date of completion on September 30, 202, even though the government is alleged to have caused some of the delays. 

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