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    During extreme heat, many are unsure of how to stay cool without air conditioning available. In some areas of Canada, this year have been under heat warnings for multiple days. Regions in B.C. and Alberta are reaching record-breaking temperatures with some cities hitting over 40 C. A lot of the residents in the affected areas do not have air conditioning leaving them scrambling to get cool.

    Health Canada, Environment Canada, and the Red Cross offered tips on how to handle the heat. Always stay up to date, checking the weather to see how hot it is going to get and at what time it will be the hottest can help you schedule your day to avoid the heat. Experts would advise not going outside during the middle of the day, when the sun is the highest, and avoid physical activities.

    Frequently drinking cool fluids and staying hydrated is key for enduring a heatwave. The Red Cross recommends avoiding coffee and alcohol as they lead to dehydration. Taking cool baths, showers, or periodically patting yourself with a cool damp towel will help as well.

    Make sure to embrace the darkness, houses can get very hot without air conditioning so keeping it dark is essential. The first step is to cover windows and cut off sunlight from getting inside. Health Canada also said to monitor if the temperature drops at night as opening a window could provide relief. Try to keep all lights switched off if you do not need them because they produce heat.

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