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    The Hubble Space Telescope just captured images of a galactic sibling rivalry millions of light-years away. Roughly 747 million light-years from Earth, three galaxies are locked in a massive gravitational tug-of-war. The Hubble noticed the strange event when observing the galaxies interacting in the Lynx constellation.

    The unique triplet of galaxies is referred to as Arp 195, as featured n the Atlas of Peculiar Galaxies. This atlas includes unusual galaxies across the universe that was published by astronomer Halton Arp in 1966. A lot of the featured galaxies are interacting and merging with each other.

    The Hubble was able to generate a stunning photo of Arp 195 galaxies unlike ever before. The Hubble works on a busy observation schedule, so astronomers do not waste time. The telescope was recently out of commission for more than a month after some issues but is still going strong. It has been operating for a long 31 years so far but is scheduled to be replaced by NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope.

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