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    The last time people could view the blooming cherry blossoms at Toronto’s High Park was back in 2019. Since the pandemic started, the city shutdown access in 2020 and the cherry groves were fenced off in 2021.. Toronto announced on Tuesday that the Sakura trees at High Park will be open for viewing next month. 

    In a statement, Mayor John Tory said “thanks to the progress we have made confronting COVID-19, everyone will be able to come out and enjoy the cherry blossoms when they bloom this spring. When the peak bloom begins, I encourage you to rediscover the cherry blossoms in High Park and in cherry blossoms locations across the city,”

    The blossoms will typically last between four to ten days and peak bloom usually occurs in late April or early May. If you plan to drive to the park, vehicle access and parking will be restricted inside for the duration of the peak bloom to avoid traffic congestion. Cherry blossoms can be viewed at 14 other locations across the city this spring.

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