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    An invasive species of jellyfish the size of a thumbnail has been making a new home for itself in B.C’s freshwater. The species named Craspedacusta sowerbii is believed to be native to southeast China. Researchers are still unclear of how these jellyfish made their way to B.C. 

    A University of British Columbia PhD candidate and researcher, Florian Lüskow said “we know they are there. We know they are potentially widespread. But before we go a step further, we need to know what they do and then we can talk about that, … In a very peaceful environment, such as a small lake, you would never expect to find a jellyfish,”

    This particular species is pretty small and will never grow much bigger than the size of a thumbnail. Most jellyfish are from the ocean and are just transparent, gelatinous soft-bodied invertebrates.

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