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    For the seventh straight day, firefighters and residents have been battling a forest fire on Greece’s second-largest island. Many homes, businesses, and pristine forests have been engulfed in flames sending thousands of people off the island. The fire raging on the island Evia has produced so much smoke that it blocked out the sun and turned the sky orange.

    The fire started on August 3 and has been the most severe fire out of the dozens in the past week across Greece. The country is also experiencing its worst heatwave in over three decades. People have felt temperatures up to 45 degrees Celcius causing pine forests to dry out completely.

    Most roads on the island were cut off by flames so residents and tourists fled to the beaches. Boats and ferries organized by the coast guard shuttled people to safety but some had harsh opinions for the country’s firefighting efforts. David Angelou, who was on the island Evia said “We were completely forsaken, There were no fire brigades, there were no vehicles, nothing!”

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