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    The Hubble Telescope’s successor is soon to launch after many years of delays and billions of dollars more than expected. In just six weeks the James Webb Telescope is expected to launch on a powerful rocket. The James Webb is the most ambitious space telescope ever built that will help to revolutionize how we see the universe.

    It has taken 25 years to build the telescope as scientists said it had decades of delay and a lot more expenses. The telescope has recently been transported from California by boat and then trucked to the launch facility in French Guiana. The telescope will then be loaded onto a European rocket and launched on December 18.

    The James Webb telescope is said to be 100 times more powerful than the Hubble. The Hubble’s mirror has a diameter of 2.4 metres and Webb’s has a diameter of 5.6 metres. Scientists consider the James Webb Telescope to be the successor to the Hubble since it was inspired by the Hubble’s results.

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