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    An energy expert said drivers should prepare to pay more for a tank of gas as prices are expected to climb higher in the coming weeks. Dan McTeague, the Canadians for Affordable Energy President said “This is just really the calm before the storm,… I think we’re heading for US$150 for a barrel of oil, and that would mean gasoline prices will easily surge to $2 a litre probably in the next few weeks.”

    Since last Wednesday, the cost of gas in Ontario has jumped 24 cents per litre. In Toronto and most of the GTA, a litre will cost you anywhere from $1.79 to $1.84. Filling up your tank in Ottawa will cost between $1.80 and $1.92 per litre.

    In certain parts of Windsor, a litre of gas will cost anywhere from $1.71 and $1.83 per litre. The city of London, Ontario has a hovering gas price of $1.79 to $1.83. If you are filling up in Barrie, most gas stations are charging $1.84 a litre. The federal government is set to implement their carbon tax on April 1 which will push costs even higher.

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