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    A 5th-generation Israeli baker is looking back to his roots to recreate a taste of biblical times. Artisanal baking has been a growing trend around the world and Israel is no exception. Hagay Ben Yehuda is one of the few bakers in Israel who sticks close to the old traditional ways. 

    He works by hand with organic ingredients to produce healthier, tastier bread. As a 5th-generation baker, he works at a small artisanal bakery at Kibbutz Einat, in central Israel. In his shop he is pioneering the search for heirloom grains. 

    Ben explained while kneading dough by hand that “this place of the Middle East is where everything began in terms of wheat,” Wheat was first cultivated in this region around 10,000 years ago. It used to be called Fertile Crescent for its shape.

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