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    A swarm of bees made a pit stop in the front yard of Manitoba resident Sally Guarino on Friday afternoon. Guarino noticed a strange black crown was surrounding the maple tree in her front yard. When Guarino got closer to inspect the tree, she couldn’t determine whether the cluster of insects were bees or wasps. It didn’t take long for Guarino to determine it was a colony of bees in her tree.

    Despite the extraordinary circumstances, there’s a reasonable explanation for the occurrence. When a colony of bees is overcrowded, the bees will produce a new queen bee to split the crowd up. While the new group of bees finds a new permanent home, they will temporarily stop at places like the tree in Guarino’s front yard.

    According to reports, The River Apiarists Association took action when they received a call from Guarino to help safely remove and find a permanent home for the bees.

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