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    A power plant leakage inside one of Syria’s oil refineries caused a massive oil spill to spread along the coast of the Mediterranean country. This happened Wednesday and was reported by Syria’s state news agency which displayed satellite photos. The spill reached a coastal town named Jableh, roughly 20 kilometers north of the refinery.

    The environment department in Syria placed every concerned department on alert as work is underway. A day before the accident, the government said the maintenance teams in the Thermal Station had brought a fuel leakage from one of the tanks under control. But images from Plane Labs Inc. showed an oil spill stretching over 25.5 square kilometers on Wednesday.

    Images from Monday show no sign of any oil, hinting the spill happened later on. Head of the Electricity Workers Syndicate at Tartous Workers Union, Dawoud Darwish, says the spill was caused by cracks in one of the fuel tanks at the station. He noted that the tank was filled with approximately 15,000 tons of fuel.

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