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    Canadian shoppers can expect to pay more this fall for their groceries as certain items continue to rise in price. Since the beginning of the pandemic, grocery prices have been steadily increasing and climate change has been helping drive up the price. 

    According to food expert Sylvain Charlebois, “Eight months ago we released Canada’s Food Price Report, we were expecting an increase of 5 per cent, that’s pretty much what’s going on right now. Due to the weather, COVID has something to do with that too, so it’s getting complicated out of there for sure.”

    Not all food items increased at the same rate though, “Already this year, beef is up to nine to ten per cent, pork is up 5 per cent,” Charlebois said. The price increase is directly related to grain prices as grain farmers have had a difficult year with droughts damaging crops. This means the cost of food for cows and pigs has increased. Charlebois explains that the prices will continue to rise in the fall after farmers sell livestock to offset feeding costs.

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