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    The polarizing virtual assistant Clippy made its first appearance in Microsoft 97 as a small paper clip, which helped users navigate. It was then dropped by the company when Office 2007 was released. Clippy then reappeared earlier this year for one day as an animated sticker in Microsoft Teams.

    In preparation for World Emoji Day on Saturday, Microsoft plans to replace its regular paperclip emoji with an image of the happy helper Clippy. This is the beginning of the companies update and refresh of 1,800 emojis on all Microsoft apps and services. The entire update will likely roll out later this year.

    Microsoft leaked the return of Clippy in a tweet Wednesday, and Claire Anderson, Microsoft’s are director said “When we looked at redesigning the paper clip, we thought, how could you not?” Microsoft has been working on emoji designs for the past year,  experimenting with 2D and 3D options.

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