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    Future software updates for smartphones may include a new set of inclusive emojis. World Emoji Day is next Saturday, and Emojipedia, a popular emoji reference site unveiled some of the emoji finalists. The Unicode Consortium is the non-profit that manages and will be responsible for the new releases.

     The consortium will approve the emojis in September for systems, apps, and devices. Emojipedia just displays the emoji for people to visualize before it comes out. Next year the new and approved emojis will roll out on various platforms. This year’s finalist list is aiming to be a lot more gender-inclusive.

    There will be alternatives to the princess and prince, 15 different handshake skin tone combinations, a pregnant man, and a pregnant person. Other emojis in the final list include a melting face, saluting face, a face holding back tears, a disco ball, and a low battery symbol. The list can still change before anything is approved.

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