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    Health researchers from the University of Michigan have discovered that eating just one hot dog could take 36 minutes off your life. Their study was published earlier this month in the journal Nature Food. The researchers examined 5,853 foods in the US diet and measured their effects in minutes of healthy life gained or lost.

    One of the senior author’s of the paper Oliver Jolliet said “We wanted to make a health-based evaluation of the beneficial and detrimental impacts of the food in the entire diet,” The team constructed an index that can calculate the net positive and negative health burden in minutes with a serving of food. The index is based on the Global Burden of Disease study which links morbidity with a person’s food choices.

    Joillet explained that “0.45 minutes are lost per gram of processed meat, or 0.1 minutes gained per gram of fruit.” When researching the hot dog, they found on average a beef hot dog on a bun has 61 grams of processed meat which results in a loss of 27 minutes of healthy life. When people start adding more ingredients like sodium and fatty acids the loss of healthy life can reach 36 minutes.

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