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    Researchers have estimated the quantity of coal, oil, and natural gas reserves across the globe that should be left untouched to slow down the rate of climate change. Leaving these fossil fuels unburned will slow the increase in climate-changing gases in the atmosphere. The group of researchers from University College London says the original estimates in 2015 had been updated.

    According to their calculations, roughly 60 per cent of the world’s oil and gas reserves need to stay in the ground. Also, 90 per cent of coal reserves need to stay buried by 2050 to meet the goals set by the Paris Climate Agreement. The study which was published on Wednesday says those limits would give the world a 50-50 chance of limiting global warming to 1.5 C(2.7 F)

    The study explains it is evident that the burning of fossil fuels for electricity, transportation, and others has been the leading cause of climate change. This process of pulling buried carbon in fossil fuels out of the ground puts carbon in the atmosphere in the form of carbon dioxide.

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