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    Researchers believe they have figured out why some people who contract COVID-19 develop inflammation and lesions on their toes and feet. The study was published on Tuesday in the British Journal of Dermatology. The group of researchers from the University of Paris in France studied how the immune system responds to a skin condition called “chilblain-like lesions” or “COVID toes”.

    The condition primarily affects the toes but the fingers can also be affected. It is described as blueish-red or purple bumps or blisters, redness, and swelling. For certain people the condition is painless, for others, the rash can be very sore and itchy. The skin condition took the spotlight after mostly children and teenagers developed the lesions.

    To figure out what was going on, researchers studied 50 people suspected to have the condition in the spring of 2020. They also studied 13 people with similar lesions but developed them before the pandemic even happened. According to their results, the toe and finger lesions are due to the body’s immune system going into overdrive to fight off the infection.

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