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    On Wednesday, the owner of Whole Foods, Amazon said it will be opening 2 new locations that will feature no cashiers. This will be the first time the company will implement its cashier-less technology to two Whole Foods. This will allow customers to grab their groceries and leave without even touching their wallets.

    The store will use cameras and sensors to track what items are taken off the shelf and then charge their Amazon account the prices of the items. There will still be options to shop the old-fashioned way, there will be self-checkout lane4s that take cash, gift cards, and other types of payments.

    The first time Amazon unveiled the cashier-less technology was in 2018 at an Amazon Go convenience store. They since have expanded it to larger Amazon supermarkets but this is the first time it appeared in a Whole Foods. The two Whole Foods that will have this new technology will be located in Sherman Oaks, California, and Washington, D.C.

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