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    On Thursday night a heavy rainstorm hit Edmonton, causing water damage to Rogers Place. Damage to the foyer and water leaks throughout the facility has hockey fans worried that there may be further delays to the restarting of the NHL season.

    In a statement, the Oilers Entertainment group assured the public that although it is still assessing the damage, plans for the return of NHL in the hub city will be unaffected. 

    The NHL is still in the process of narrowing down its potential hub cities where NHL games will resume this summer. They narrowed down 10 potential hub cities across North America, 2 of which may be in Canada. 

    The Rogers Place arena in Edmonton was built in 2016 with a capacity of 18,500 people. The NHL did not announce whether the area will open to the public due to the ongoing Pandemic. 

    The NHL reports their 1st official game is to be set on August 1.


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