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    The Nature Conservancy of Canada says that not raking your leaves could actually be better for your lawn and its ecosystem. Andrew Holland, who is the national media director of the conservation group explained that embracing your inner laziness can actually improve the quality of your lawn’s soil. When fallen leaves break down, they convert into mulch, which can suppress weeds and keep the lawn healthier.

    Holland said “It’s free fertilizer for your own lawn, essentially.” to CTVNews.ca over the phone on Friday. However, having too many leaves can inhibit grass growth, so Holland recommends keeping it to one to two layers. An alternative route is to chop up the leaves with a lawnmower to help break them down and prevent your lawn from suffocating.

    Thin layers of leaves can also help butterflies, moths, caterpillars, and other insects that heavily rely on nutrients in your soil. Even frogs and toads are known to hibernate inside leaf piles during the winter, using them as an insulating blanket. Holland explained “Urban nature is becoming more and more important. And we don’t necessarily think of our backyards and our own lawns being a nature reserve.”

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