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    The 104-year-old shipwreck that rests near the brink of the Niagara falls was pushed closer to the edge after a storm hit this week. In 1918, The Iron Scow broke free from its tug boat and became grounded on the rocks about 600 metres away from the Horseshoe Falls. Two men were on the boat at the time and were rescued by emergency crews.

    For 101 years, the boat stayed stuck in the rocks and didn’t move. In 2019, a strong Halloween storm pushed it 50 metres closer to the edge. This week it moved again and the storm appears to have broken the boat into three parts. Officials did not say how much closer the boat is to the edge of the falls. 

    Senior manager of Heritage of Niagara Parks Jim Hill said “we’re seeing the continued deterioration of the scow, … A good portion of it is already gone… The scow has lived through decades of being pounded by the river and storms, … Maybe it’s just reaching the end of its life out there.” 

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