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    Approximately 80% of people lose their sense of smell and/or taste when affected by the COVID-19 virus. Most will recover their senses within a few weeks, but a small number of people still have not regained them.

    In January, a study was published in the Journal of Internal Medicine, which indicated that nearly 5% of 2.500 infected COVID-19 patients have not recovered their olfactory functions 6 months after getting infected.

    Experts are still unclear on why some patient’s senses have not returned yet. Dr. Jay Piccirol an ear, nose, and throat specialist from Washinton University School of Medicine, believes that coronavirus is infecting the cells in the nose that assist olfactory nerves. He said for individuals suffering from long-term loss of senses, have to go through ‘Olfactory Training’. Essentially, involves training the nose to smell again. 

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