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    As the government continues its reopening plan, they look to a normalized education experience for students in the province. This could mean the return of extracurricular activities, sports teams, and clubs could be offered at schools again. Stephen Lecce, the Education Minister said that schools will also return to full-time, in-class learning by September.

    During the news conference on Tuesday, Lecce said “Our intention is to restore extracurricular and sport and clubs… There will be adaptations required by public health just to make them safe.”

    Last September extracurricular activities were banned when students returned to school after the first wave of COVID-19. They have remained restricted since then and the government wants to get them going again. As the government prepares for school in the fall, Lecce explains that the province wants to make a safe space with a positive learning experience.

    In order for the government to approve extracurricular activities “The province would, ideally, want 80 per cent of youth vaccinated,” said Dr. Charles Gardner. Currently, around 60 per cent of children between the age of 12 and 17 have received one shot, and 11 per cent are double vaccinated.

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