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    The Ontario government will be temporarily removing parts of the G road test to increase the number of appointments that can be made each day. A spokesperson for the Minister of Transportation said they hope to clear the backlog of road tests caused by the pandemic restrictions. 

    Dakota Brasier said “In light of the increased demand for class G road tests, DriveTest is modifying the G road test to offer more road test appointments each day while removing duplicate elements from the G2 test,… The G2 road test remains unchanged.” The province has not been specific on what exactly has changed.

    However, since they do not want to duplicate manoeuvers from the G2 test then it could include various types of parking or turns. Highway and major road driving will still be evaluated, according to the government. Brasier explained “This will allow for more streamlined tests while continuing to evaluate driver skills alongside new skill such as highway driving requirements,”

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