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    One expert says it will be ‘well worth waiting” to hold off on filling up as gas prices are about to plunge. Dan McTeague, the President of Canadians for Affordable Energy said prices will fall 11 cents per litre on Friday morning. Which is partly due to Ontario cutting the provincial gas tax.

    McTeague explained Ontario will “finally receive some good news, … Of the 11-cent drop, 6.5 cents is because of the provincial government dropping in the gas tax, and 4.5 cents is because of the markets, … If that isn’t enough for people, I’m now looking at things dropping even further,”

    He said on Friday the average gas price across the province will be $1.93 cents per litre. McTeague further explained if the market holds, gas prices can drop another five cents per litre on Saturday. He will confirm Saturday’s gas prices on Friday afternoon.

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