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    There have been goldfish infestations reported in Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario and parts of the U.S. Andrew Murray would watch a small school of goldfish living in the storm pond near his home in London, Ontario. However, this spring he came across thousands of goldfish in the pond that changed the water to an orange tinge. 

    Researchers from the University of Toronto estimate this scenario has repeated itself hundreds of times in suburban storm ponds all over the province. Storm ponds were built to reduce neighbourhood flooding and relieve pressure on Ontario’s city sewer systems. However, Nicholas Mandrak said these pools have become locations for “super invaders.”

    A professor at the University of Toronto Scarborough said “What we’re seeing is the proliferation of goldfish in suburbs across southern Ontario, in fact across Canada,” Once in the pong, goldfish will start eating insects that would normally colonize it. They rapidly breed and their numbers and big appetite mean they compete with native amphibians and other creatures. 

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