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    Rare celestial events are difficult to come across and researchers have just found evidence of one. Astronomers have identified two separate instances of black holes swallowing dense neutron stars. The researchers said it played out like Pac-Man in space. The two events sent gravitational waves that reached Earth in January 2020.

    That information allowed astronomers to retrace the ripples in space-time back to when it occurred. They estimate the events to be in galaxies 900 million light-years and a billion light-years away. The study involved more than a thousand scientists and was published Tuesday in The Astrophysical Journal Letters.

    The findings could potentially unlock secrets about gravitational waves and the universe. A gravitational wave is created when enormous objects in space move or collide. Many scientists believe that collisions on this scale were possible but never had the evidence. Black holes and neutron stars are both the end result of a dying star.

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