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    An increase in planned deliveries from Pfizer and BioNTech will result in the arrival of 2.9 million vaccine doses in Canada by next week. The two companies have been consistently delivering 2 million doses per week during the month of May. That figure will change to 2.4 million shots per week starting today.

    According to the federal government, there is also a shipment of 500,00 Moderna vaccines arriving this week in two different carriers. The first to arrive in the middle of the week and the second will come on the weekend. The doses will then be distributed to provinces and territories the following week.

    Canada is also expecting 1 million doses of the Oxford-AsraZeneca vaccine by the end of June. There have not been any specific details confirmed on the delivery schedule for this vaccine. The country still has 300,000 Johnson and Johnson vaccines that they got in April. Health Canada is still reviewing its safety after concerns of possible tainting at a Baltimnare production center. 

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