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    Residents of Quebec will now have to show proof of vaccination against COVID-19 to gain access to specific non-essential services. These services include bars, restaurants, and some sports. The Quebec Health Minister Christian Dubé said “We’ll watch how it goes and we will adjust as we go,”

    As of Wednesday morning, merchants will be mandated to ask anyone coming into their business to show proof of vaccination as well as a matching piece of photo ID. Businesses will now be able to confirm if the customers entering their stores are “adequately protected” against the virus. Some groups will be exempted such as those who participated in the Medicago vaccine trial and those “with contraindications to vaccinations against COVID-19.”

    Individuals who cannot receive a vaccine will need to get a note from their doctor and bring it to a vaccination centre. They can then register for their passport on Clic Santé. Anyone who does not comply with this health measure will be fined according to Dubé. The ministry also explained, “People from other provinces or countries will be able to present official proof of vaccination issued by province or country of residence, as well as proof of identity with an address outside Quebec, to gain access to the places and activities covered by the rollout of the vaccine passport.”

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