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    A white fallow deer native to Europe was found in a field near the south Ottawa suburb of Manotick. The stag was first spotted on the River Road in Manotick in September. Dog walkers and hikers on the Osgoode Link Path started seeing glimpses of the deer through the trees. 

    The fallow deer has a bright white coat, has a muscular body and carries swept back, palmate(moose-like) antlers. This species of deer is originally native to Turkey and has appeared in Greek and Celtic mythology. The deer found in Ottawa has netting entangled in its antlers and residents believe it’s evidence that someone tried to capture it.

    When the weather got cold, resident Pierre Leonard purchased fortified deer feed and began leaving it out for the stag. The deer is now used to the sound of his nearly silent electric ATV. The deer began reappearing in Leonard’s yard alongside his horses and the farmer left the gate open so the stag could go in and out. 

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