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    The Royal Canadian Mounted Police need to fill more boots as fewer recruits are entering training and more members are leaving. Using data provided to CTV National News, the RCMP has a vacancy rate of 4.3 per cent. That percentage is almost equivalent to 300 positions. 

    Manitoba has the highest RCMP vacancy rate in the country at six per cent. The next province is Nunavut at 5.3 per cent, British Columbia at 3.5 per cent and Yukon at 3.3 per cent. Smaller vacancies were also reported in Saskatchewan, Northwest Territories and New Brunswick. 

    Calvin Lawrence, a man who served in the RCMP for 28 years said the force has lost a lot of its lustre and former appeal. Lawrence said “because of harassment, disrcrimintatio, sexual harassment and bullyign and overwork, peole are leaving the RCMP, .. The day of glorious red serge and everybody wants to be a Mountie: everybody does not want to be a police officer today or an RCMP member.”

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